Stamped Concrete

Have you considered stamped concrete?

If you’ve ever come across intricate patterns in someone’s business or home, you might think that these seemingly random patterns are exclusively made from tile or brick. After all, what other materials could create numerous colors, patterns, and textures? You might be surprised to learn that many of these patterns aren’t the object they resemble, but are actually a form of concrete. Known as stamped concrete, this method is an inexpensive way to simulate the look of different materials while having the lower cost and all the benefits of concrete. And coming to Eco Concrete Design LLC for your stamped concrete not only gives you these advantages, but does so using environmentally friendly Eco concrete that is much less taxing on the ecosystem.

Stamped Concrete

How does stamped concrete work?

Because concrete is already an aggregate of many different materials mixed together, adding ingredients such as dyes are simple and don’t degrade the durability. Generally, there are three stages to creating stamped concrete:

  1. First, you need to choose a base color. This is the primary color and tends to compliment the nearby buildings and surroundings. The dye is mixed directly into the mix for a natural appearance.
  2. Next, you make decisions about adding an accent color. These secondary colors add contrast and can simulate the look of materials such as grout or other looks for aesthetic appeal.
  3. Finally, texture needs to be considered. Smooth, flat surfaces are great choices for sidewalks, while bumpy, rough surfaces work wonderfully for stepping stones and walking paths.

Choose us for stamped concrete

Exclusively using Eco concrete on all of our jobs, our concrete contractors avoid the environmental pitfalls of conventional concrete. Using industrial byproducts and alternative cementing materials instead of traditional cement, we’re able to cut down on costs both financial and ecological, and pass on the savings to you and the environment. Our Eco concrete can do everything as good as or better than conventional methods, including stamped concrete colors and textures. Get the look you want without harming the people around you, and call or contact us for an estimate on stamped concrete today.