Our Services

Eco Concrete Design is a licensed general contractor (#ECOCOCD859MU) with the ability to bid on all phases of a project, saving you time, headaches, hassle & money. When costing out a new project, our team carefully considers all of the steps involved, from the blueprints to dealing permit-related red tape to pouring concrete.

We are also experts at anticipating contingencies that arise unexpectedly. As a result, in an industry where change-orders typically add an additional 10-15% to the original estimate, ours are consistently less than half that amount. We also routinely offer special “extras,” including a laser-screed for super-flat slabs and providing a quality-control person when concrete is being poured.

We pride ourselves on providing a new millennium mix of forward-thinking methods with good old-fashioned service.


From the tiniest of tiny Accessory Dwelling Units (aka Granny or Mother-in-Law flats…currently a hot home trend) to sizable three-story seismic upgrades, everything in a building rests on the foundation – including you. So it’s vital that it’s properly constructed. We follow this mantra every step of the way, from respecting the placement of the vital survey hubs to poured-in-place walls of up to 21 feet high.

Eco Concrete Design guarantees square and level foundations.


  • SPEED: We can place & finish 25,000 square feet of concrete per day.
  • SKILL: We take care of all set up, rebar tying, and placing & pouring of the concrete, as well as saw cuts, and control joints. When needed, we provide insulation blankets.
  • ACCURACY: On pour days, we always have a quality-control person present. On any project exceeding 7,000 square feet, we use a laser screed to guarantee that slabs are super-flat.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: We choose green concrete release and sealers whenever possible.
  • CUSTOMER-FIRST: Our architectural stamping & acid-staining services include a free test-panel for color & texturing.


Over-excavations waste materials concrete and money, while playing rock on unstable ground causes the slabs to crack & settle. Bumping the survey hubs – which set the structure’s elevation & line – can requiring a (costly) new survey. A cluttered job site is dangerous, as is failing to clean up the rocks, mud and other debris caused by the comings & goings of dump trucks and construction machinery.

But not when is on the job, as our exemplary excavations reflect our professionalism & pride in our work.

Retaining Walls

Eco Concrete Design is a full service concrete contractor. We work on all aspects of concrete building and can provide your project with retaining walls as desired. There are many factors to consider when surveying and preparing to place a retaining wall. With our care and attention to detail, we can ensure the safety and functionality of the retaining walls we put in place.

Curb & Gutters

Our quality doesn’t stop with foundations, flatwork, and retaining walls. Don’t complete your project by failing to interface your project with the street and sidewalk with a good design. We can make your curbs and gutters an integrated part of the entire design scheme.