Here are some frequently asked questions by our clients. For any questions you may have regarding our services, feel free to Contact Us or Call Us at (503) 995-0128.

FAQs for Homeowners

How does the process work?
To get started, we require 1/3 down.
After the foundation passes inspection, another 1/3 is due in order to secure the construction materials. A rough timeline is as follows:

  • erosion control: about 1/2 day
  • excavation: for a house – a day; for a commercial building – up to a week
  • foundation: 2-3 days
  • inspecting the rebar: 1 day
  • rain drains (optional): 1 day
  • backfill: 1/2 day minimum

Following the final cleanup, the remaining 1/3 is due.

How long will it take to complete a job?
While it obviously depends on the size of the job, on average, pre-construction (or pre-con) will take about an hour as part of our services. Excavation will take about a day, while a foundation will take about 3 days to set up & pour.

How much do permits cost?
Permits are priced as a percentage of the total cost of the project.

Am I responsible for erosion control?
We supply and install all the erosion control.

Do you take care of cleanup afterward?
We recycle any excess concrete in an eco-friendly manner and take pride in leaving our job sites spotless.

FAQs for General Contractors

Eco Concrete Design is a licensed general contractor #ECOCOCD859MU and can bid on all phases of any project.

How comprehensive are your services?
We offer excavation, foundation & flatwork for residential, commercial & industrial. Our comprehensive services avoid everything from excavating too deeply to wasting money on excess concrete – saving you time, money and the headaches of unnecessary mistakes.

What makes Eco Concrete Design different?
We’re strictly drug & alcohol free. We enforce and ensure a safe and clean work environment.

What is Eco Concrete Design known for?
We run a clean and safe job site, keep within budget and meet deadlines.