Eco Concrete

Have you looked into Eco Concrete for your project?

Traditional concrete is made from a mixture of cement, water, and numerous coarse and fine collections of rocks and small particles. The materials are ground into a fine paste and are then poured into a mold where it takes the shape of the mold.  This creates an effective, easily-formable but solid material that can withstand the elements for decades or even centuries. However, the process to create concrete is energy-intensive and releases approximately the same mass of CO2 into the atmosphere as the amount of cement needed to create the concrete. For instance, for oevery pound of cement needed to make concrete, one pound of CO2 is also released. Is it possible to get the benefits without the environmental cost? At Eco Concrete Designs LLC, we use Eco Concrete on our projects to save the Earth while keeping your structure solid.

What is Eco concrete? Typical concrete mixes are made of coarse and fine aggregate–a combination of various materials of similar size–which are held together by cement and water. Creating traditional Portland cement takes a significant amount of energy and releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Eco concrete has comparable or even greater strength and durability and is made of approximately 1/5th the amount of cement, using other cementing materials instead.


What are some benefits of Eco concrete?

Eco Concrete Vancouver WA
The primary reason to use Eco concrete is to reduce harm to the environment, but there are other benefits as well. Some advantages include:

  • Less greenhouse gas emissions. Supplemental cementing materials (SCM) replace conventional cement and have no CO2 byproducts.
  • Increased durability. Quality Eco concrete is less permeable and less likely to crack, making it stronger and longer-lasting.
  • It can cost less. Some Eco concretes use SCMs that are existing industrial byproducts, materials that would normally be waste, meaning a lower cost.

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