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Commercial Industrial Concrete Vancouver WA

A good business needs a good foundation to stand on. And with the vast majority of business owners choosing to go with concrete for this and other aspects of their property, concrete is the clear winner. Concrete is cheap per square foot, durable and long lasting, and needs minimal maintenance. Because of this, there are many concrete contractors all around expanding cities; how do you know which one is best? Eco Concrete Design LLC stands out by taking a different approach from the competition. Whether it’s for residential properties or you need commercial or industrial concrete, we use sustainable Eco concrete that handles the job without harming the environment.

How long does your process take? Creating our Eco concrete doesn’t take any longer than making conventional concrete, it simply uses different materials. With all the different variables that go into our jobs, we can’t give you a concrete timeframe until we come to your property for an estimate and find out about your specific needs.

Can Eco concrete really handle commercial jobs?

Conventional concrete is not a modern invention. With some concrete structures dating back to before the Common Era, concrete has been proven to be a durable material to withstand the elements. But can Eco concrete compare?

  • Traditional concrete uses Portland cement, which creates a pound of CO2 emissions for every pound of cement made. Eco concrete has practically zero emissions.
  • Some kinds of Eco concrete are actually more durable than conventional concrete, making them a safe alternative and able to withstand extreme usage.
  • Eco concrete is generally less permeable than traditional concrete. This limits weak points and reduces how much unnecessary water can get inside and cause cracks.
  • Using industrial byproducts as cement, Eco concrete can be not only more sustainable for the environment, but cost less money to use while being just as strong!

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